Sweetener companies

Bayn solutions is based in Stockholm Sweden. We help food companies in product development while maintaining good taste, good mouthfeel and important functions and has worked with this since 2008. We do it with sweetened fibers. It is dietary fiber to which we attach sweeteners of natural origin. The results is an ingredient that replaces sugar 1:1. This means that you simply replace the the same amount of sugar with sweetened fibers. Our brand name of it is Eureba. This is a proven method we have developed over time and we have different Eureba solutions for each segment. We serve the bakery, confectionery and the dairy segment as well as the beverage segment. We work towards Europe, the US as well as other parts of the world.

We do also offer a range of high intensity stevia sweeteners such as Reb M among others. Such stevias sweeteners go under the brand name Navia.

See below for two reference cases how we have helped companies to replace sugar with our solutions: Switsbake and Engelholmsglass.

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    Engelholmsglass case

    Switsbake case